Saturday, July 29, 2017

Royal Berkshire 10km

I do love this picture - Its a great event and all the pacers are pictured in time order (and for what it's worth I came in at 59:47). And in further news I am now an official tester for Brooks and Megmeister gear for running magazines...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Reading Half Marathon 2017 - 1:59:45

Well, I even impressed myself today.

My tenth RHM and my 5th time as a pacer.

A little bit under done on the training this year partly due to a raking cold/cough in January that I couldn't shake off - and I had eaten a bit too much the evening before so set off dressed by Mizuno, not as confident as normal. I met lots of people on the start line who wanted to run with me (2:00:00 pacer) and told them all I would finish in 1:59:45 so we started with quite a large group.

Set off in very windy conditions and the flag at some points acted like a sail and at other points acted like a huge brake and it made the hills a bit more of a challenge.

When I crossed the line and was interviewed in the stadium right by the line by the PA guy asking me how we pace, what the strategy was etc..and looking at my watch thought I had run 1:59:42 but..

my official chip time was 1:59:45 - now even I am impressed I did it to the second!

Lots of lovely comments on Facebook thanking me for getting runners PB'S and sub 2's - quite emotional reading the comments TBH,

Not sure if I will pace next year as there may be a new team - but if I don't, then what a way to finish.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Reading Half marathon 1:59:54

Nearly undercooked it as I was 1 minute ahead of time but slowed just outside the stadium to get people to run past me and crack 2 hours so I had to do a bit of a dash for the line to come in at 1:59:54 which was about 9 seconds more than I had hoped.

9 seconds over a half marathon is not a lot but I know I can do this now practically to within 3-5 seconds of my target time of 1:59:45 so next year will come into the stadium so I can see the finish line with say 1:30 to go then it will be a stress free finish.

Next pace job the Reading Royal 10 km - so looking forward to my first 10 km as a pacer.


Monday, March 28, 2016

The pacing season has started

And so for the first time this year the half marathon human metronomes were out at Fleet Half marathon. I ran the 2:00:00 pace slot and came in at 1:59:11 officially, which if I am being critical, was about 30 seconds too quick, Having not run the course before I guess that's acceptable. Now on the Reading half next week,   

Monday, March 23, 2015

NEWS - Reading Half Marathon 2:00:00 pacer ......

So my 9th Reading Half marathon in total and third as pacer this weekend.

Paced the 2:00:00 group and told everyone I would finish in 1:59:45. My official time was 1:59:46 so let them down by a second.....if anyone missed their PB blame me ;).

Simply could not get any closer than that and hope I dragged as many people as possible to PB's . Some lovely comments on FB and Twitter make it all worthwhile  

I just love this event - one of the best weekends of the year.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

London Marathon 2014

Right. That's another marathon ticked off and after 16 weeks of great training I went into the race with a IT band problem and both knees being held together by velcro. Having nearly pulled out of the race on the Friday before I was delighted to finish and raise over £1,200 for the Brain Tumour Charity. Stats as follows:

  • Finish time: 4:20:51
  • 5km: 28:08
  • 10km: 56:33
  • 15km: 1:24:35
  • 20km: 1:52:35
  • Half: 1:58:39
  • 25km: 2:22:11
  • 30km: 2:55:06
  • 35km: 3:39:26
  • 40km: 4:05:38
Place: 16,696
AC: 1,116

In summary first half fine, second half just pleased to have kept going. But no excuses as I had trained really well right up until the Saturday the week before and was looking at a 3:55 time or thereabouts had I not had the problem.

Looking now at my knee I am a bit surprised I finished at all. The IT band velcro thingy stopped the IT problem but caused the knee cap to malfunction and so I am now looking at 3-6 weeks of rest before I do anything else. Still I would not have missed it for the world.

Once I am back in training Ride London and Windsor tri to look forward to.

Friday, March 21, 2014

London Marathon 2014 charity

The last long run is this weekend and I am now running for the Brain Tumour Charity. It was an easy decision and anyone who knows me well will understand why. The target is £520 or £20 per mile which fingers crossed I can raise via Just Giving.

The training for a marathon has been tough no two ways about it. In fact it is easier mentaly to train for a triathlon and I need to get back on my bike asap after London and prepare for the Windsor tri in June and Ride London Classic 100 in August.

I also need to get back in the pool but all that can wait until after April 13.